Results from past competitions and training events will be available here.

Keysoe Park TREC – Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September 2018

Final Results – Including phase results and individual score sheets.

PTV Photos

Milton Keynes Training – Saturday 4th August 2018

POR Results /  PTV Results / Final Results

Sandringham TREC – Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July 2018

Final Results – Including phase results and individual score sheets.

Master Maps

Event Photos

Camp POR & 10/10 – Saturday 26th May to Monday 28th May 2018

Final Results – Including Saturday’s mini POR and Monday’s TREC 10/10

Mounted POR Training – Friday 30th March 2018

Results: Level 1 POR / Level 1A POR

2017/2018 Winter League

Shuttleworth College Indoor TREC – Saturday 24th February 2018

Shuttleworth College Indoor TREC – Sunday 21st January 2018

Shuttleworth College Indoor TREC – Saturday 23rd December 2017

Quainton Stud Indoor TREC – Sunday 26th November 2017

Denton Lodge TREC – Saturday 27th May to Monday 29th May 2017

Final Results – Including individual phase results.

Master Maps

Event Photos

Mounted POR Training – Friday 14th April 2017

Final Results – Individual score sheets will be posted to all competitors.